Remove Crayon and Candle wax from Wood 

Want to be a hero with friends and relatives?  There are two tricks worth trying.

Crayons are made of wax - wax dissolves in turpentine and mineral spirits. None of these damage finished coats of wood furniture (except if the finish is a wax).  

To remove crayon and wax marks, simply wipe over the surface with a cloth dampened with one of these solvents (use in moderation).

Make sure there is no acetone in the products used to remove the crayon and wax.

Acetone will damage most finishes, read the ingredients to be sure there is no acetone included.

You can use turpentine or mineral spirits to remove candle wax also, but it will take longer.  It is much faster to apply an ice-cube to the dripped candle wax to freeze it and cause it to break its bond to the finish. Simply peel it off with your fingernail.

If there is residue wax remaining, remove it with turpentine or mineral spirits.

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